About us

Infinitum d.o.o. is a company that has been operating since 2005. We have 5 employees. We are a well-established and very well organized. Have all the necessary equipment, tools and machinery for the quality and performance of all modern construction and craft works. All work we undertake is done within the agreed time, respecting the rules of the profession. We operate on a turnkey, or phase of known client, meticulousness, the expertise and quality are imperative to our business.

Our activities:

  • Real estate                     
  • Transportation in the domestic and international road traffic                     
  • Buying and selling of goods                     
  • Trading mediation in domestic and foreign markets                     
  • Representing foreign companies                     
  • Building, design and construction supervision


Engineering or applied science building is the oldest and most significant technological branches.               

Construction is engaged in the business techniques needed for the construction of all types of architectural buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewerage, land improvement facilities, taking advantage of water courses and water power (hydro) power plants and other plants for the production of all goods.               

Person who is engaged in construction industry call a structural engineer.


The main construction work for which the building, with concrete work, most recognizable as a profession earthworks. These are various excavation - foundations, cuts, canals, ditches. These works also include geotechnical works, which along with the cutting and filling include some forms...


Concrete works comprise a relatively complex technological and logistical processes organized in construction of buildings and structures made of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates and water, and supplements. Water causes a reaction with the cement...

Other works

  • Roofing work                     
  • Concrete works                     
  • Wiring                     
  • Ceramic works                     
  • Dolly works                     
  • Insulation work                     
  • Dry construction


Civil works construction and masonry buildings is now easier than ever.               

You need to build a new, reconstructed old or just make some changes to the existing facility quickly and easily you can do it yourself if you have little experience or you can let the experts work.
Although the construction or renovation sometimes seems like an impossible mission through planning and organization of work can save you a lot of time, nerves and money.

Construction services

When we talk about construction services at the present time a lot of the activities related to this term. The most important are the design and supervision, surveying services and expertise.

  • Design and engineering
  • Surveying services
  • Building expertise